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World Domination


Hot on the heels of Promax Europe, the awards circuit moved to LA last week for the Promax Global Excellence Awards, where we continued our winning streak; picking up a total of 13 awards. The plucky End Of The World Stunt swept the board with 4 golds, a silver and a bronze, while European collaborations further established us as an international agency, with the DMAX Italia refresh picking up a silver, and the Outdoor campaign for Discovery Max Spain taking Gold. Discovery’s Adventure Season was a double gold medalist, snatching Best Factual and Best Website Promotion, and both the silver and bronze trophies in the Typography craft category came our way. Meanwhile Animal Planet repeated it’s Parisian success taking another  Gold, this time on the global-stage for Best Channel Identity.

Discovery Jackpot at Promax Europe

Discovery Western Europe won a total of thirteen gongs this week, including 5 gold and 1 silver for UK Creative. Two more were won by our teams in Eastern Europe. It was a hell of a party!

The bounty included both ‘grand prix’ awards, for Marketing (for our Nordic team) and Design (Discovery UK Creative), which are awarded to the companies with the most outstanding entries in each category. Read on for details…

Grand Prix

In-House Marketing Team of the Year: Discovery Networks Nordic

In-House Design Team of the Year: Discovery UK Creative


Best Themed Promotion or Campaign: Discovery UK Creative – End of the World Stunt 

Best On-Air Ident Campaign (out-of-house): Double G Studios for Discovery UK Creative – Animal Planet

Best Use of Typography: Discovery UK Creative – Burning Questions

Best Use of Music in a Promo: Discovery UK Creative – End of the World Stunt

Best Documentary or Factual Entertainment Promotion: Discovery Networks Nordic – Bear Grylls – The Child Who Survived

Best Sound Design: Discovery Networks Nordic – Weekend Burnout

Best Use of Humour in Promotion: Discovery Networks Nordic – Weekend Burnout


Burning Questions

This autumn Discovery Channel seeks to answer some of the World’s burning questions, with landmark new series: Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design, Battle Castle With Dan Snow and How We Invented The World. As the launch to the season, written and directed by Lee Healy and Steve Ashby, we’ve created this campaign, which will run on Sky’s commercial airtime, and be followed up with programme specific campaigns for each key title.

Wheeler Dealers: Grease!

Mike Brewer and Edd China return to Discovery this month for the 9th series of Wheeler Dealers, and after the success of our American Beauties campaign – which won Gold at Promax Europe and bought record ratings to the channel – we again asked In-House Agency Director: Meriem Adib to make a song-and-dance out of the latest season.


Fifth Gear on Discovery

From September, Discovery Channel takes exclusive ownership of the long-running series Fifth Gear, and with a revamped hour-long format, we wanted to show core fans that they only place they’ll find the new series is on Discovery. This campaign, directed by Ceri Payne and produced by Paul Mortimore and Caroline Taylor features all 4 presenters and of course, the hero of the piece, the Discovery Channel ‘D’.


Thank you Barcelona!

Last week we went to Promax Europe in wonderful Barcelona, and we’re so glad we did! Aside from the inspiring city, the wonderful food and drinks on the beach in great company, we picked up 7 awesome awards:

Best Leisure & Lifestyle – Wheeler Dealers: American Beauties – Gold
Something For Nothing – Megaquake: Hour That Shook Japan – Gold
Best Website Experinece – – Silver
Best Editing – Walking The Amazon – Silver
Best Integrated Marketing Campaign – Walking The Amazon – Silver
Best Sports Promotion – The James Cracknell Trilogy – Silver
Best Print Ad – Unstoppable? The Jame Cracknell Trilogy – Silver

Congratulations to all involved!


11 Nominations for Promax Europe 2012


We are delighted to be nominated for 11 awards at Promax BDA Europe this year, notable inclusions are  the new-look Discovery Channel Website for Best Website Experience, 4 nominations for our epic Unstoppable?: The James Cracknell Trilogy; 2 nominations each for Megaquake: Hour That Shook Japan and Walking The Amazon; Wheeler Dealers, The Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero. The awards take place in Barcelona on March 27th, where we hope to convert many of these into shiny trophies…

Alone in the Wild

Our last big campaign of 2011, producing record ratings. Well known faces, but no prizes, no trials, not even a crew. We wanted to emphasise the authenticity of the set-up in the campaign. Key creatives Lee Healy and Chris Clarkson. Editor Tom Cole


Discovery Channel of the Year @ Promax UK 2011

We are delighted to have been honoured with a total of 11 awards at Promax UK on November 11, 2011. Gold wins include the 3 top categories: ‘Channel of the Year’, ‘People’s Choice’, voted by all of the conference delegates, for THE JAMES CRACKNELL TRILOGY, and ‘Best Channel Branding Package’.

Additional awards include Gold for ‘Best Leisure & Lifestyle Promo’ for GHOST LAB and GOLD for ‘Something for Nothing’ for MEGAQUAKE: HOUR THAT SHOOK JAPAN.

It was a truly exceptional result and such an amazing night, we’re still gliding, and a very happy bunch! Read on for the full list.