Animal Planet on-air refresh

Coinciding with the launch of the HD simulcast for Animal Planet, we wanted to give the brand a more confident and distinctive tone of voice, resonating with its audience, and intrinsically link the brand with our content. Animal planet is all about Animals, wild and domestic. We created small worlds (Animal Planets), where iconic animals display their natural charm and quirky behaviour, which makes them endearing to us. Animals are the stars of the show, expressing their natural personality in their respective, stylised environment. The logo is integrated in the environment where the animal action takes place.

The idents are integrated in  the new on-air graphic system for promos and channel continuity designed and produced in-house.

Animal Planet HD launched on SKY (channel 525) on February 27th.

We developed the concept in conjunction with Double G Studios, who also designed and produced the animated idents. The animal character animation was developed with Blue Zoo.