New Discovery UK Website

Over the last few months we have been busy creating a new look, video-rich website in the UK, designed to reflect the brand’s tone of voice and align with our objective to promote engagement through entertainment, enlightenment and participation.

The site is designed to put Discovery’s content center-stage, offering a visually striking, rewarding and immersive experience.

Federico Gaggio, head of the creative team and ECD for Discovery, has overseen the Information Architecture and Design. “We have great content and great channel brands, but linear channels are not all there is in the new digital eco-system. People experience and share content, using the full media mix, increasingly including blogs and social networks. The site is a hub that puts our content at the heart of the ecosystem, driving engagement with our audience wherever they are”.

Federico worked with agency CP+B Europe on the Design and IA, with a brief to provide a rewarding and consistent user experience. Discovery’s VP of marketing communications for Western Europe, Simon Downing, said the aim of the redesign is to move away from its perception as purely a documentary channel and “wrestle back” control of its digital output in the UK.
“It’s about reconfiguring our entire UK business to put digital at the heart of everything we do.”
The project was managed by Michelle Goff at Discovery, coordinating the efforts of the digital and editorial team, the agency and site build team from Accenture.